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5 things to do while staying home

5 Tips To Stay Productive While Working At Home

Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can be a blessing and a challenge- you get to make your own hours and have the privacy of your own house but you are surrounded by the temptation of your belongings and household chores and sometimes family members. One you organize and set boundaries for yourself then working from home can be a breeze. Here are 5 tips to stay productive while working from home.

1. Comfortable (& Quiet) Location

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated office then you have conquered half the battle. Make sure that the desk and chair that you are using are comfortable. Slouching will result in fatigue pretty quick.

If you do not have a dedicated office, find a space that provides some privacy. If possible, find a location with a door so you can close out outside noises.

The spot you choose could be wherever you find comfort and/or inspiration. If you are a couch-worker try and have a hard surface nearby such as a c-table or an end table to rest papers or mugs (no spills here!).. 

While a desk may be the most functional, it's not always possible in the space provided. Try utilizing the corner of a table or counter as your space. 

2. Set a schedule & create a routine

Probably one of the most tempting things about working from home is the freedom and perhaps the couple of naps you could take. All that freedom could take you away from accomplishing what you need to do for work which leads to unneeded stress. Set a schedule that looks roughly like the one you have when you go to the office. This also sends a message to your co-workers (and your boss) and lets them know when you are available.

Set goals for yourself and to-do lists so you stay on target. 

Your home-work time schedule will help you develop a routine. You could roll out of bed and get down to business but having more structure such as getting up, getting dressed, having coffee, etc.  may make you more productive over all. It is important to get into the mindset for work. 

3. Good Lighting

If you can choose the location of your workspace/desk, opt for somewhere with plenty of natural light. Do consider monitor glare when choosing how your computer will face. You can always bring in some good lighting such as a lamp. Always best not to strain your eyes.

* You may even want to consider blue light glasses if you will be staring at a computer more than you would normally when working from the office. 

4. Declutter & Organize

Declutter the area that you are working in. The more stuff around you, the more distracted you may become and be reminded of household chores and activities. 

Once you've claimed your "clutter-free" work area, organize your work clutter. Make sure to organize paperwork and other things associated with work at the end of the day. Completing this task at the end of your schedule will help you log-off mentally and create a fresh space to begin work the next day. 

5. Take a break

Take advantage of working from home and take a break (this may be the perfect time to take your furry co-worker for a walk).  Taking breaks helps you to mentally reset and focus more when you get back to work. 

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