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Onda Bella Cruises, Northport Harbor

Discover Tranquility and Luxury at Northport Harbor

Imagine escaping to a serene, picturesque world where the only sounds are the gentle lapping of water against the hull and the distant calls of seabirds. This is the unique escape offered by Onda Bella Cruises, launching exclusive pleasure cruises in the storied waters of Northport Harbor starting May 1st, 2024.

Keith Brady, Brandon Havrilla, and Will Bruner, the creative minds behind Onda Bella Cruises, crafted an unparalleled nautical adventure reminiscent of the grandeur found in European river cruises. Their vision? To craft unforgettable moments against the enchanting and historic panorama of this tranquil harbor. Northport Village's own Keith Brady, an entrepreneur and devoted family man, expresses, "The joy my family has found in these waters is immeasurable. It's that profound bond with the sea that we're thrilled to extend to others on our cruises. Northport Village is a cherished destination where many come to dine, socialize, or unwind. Our hope is that both the Northport community and visitors will be drawn to include Onda Bella in their plans, to discover Northport from an entirely new perspective on the water."

A Peaceful Cruise

Step aboard Onda Bella’s Duffy 22 Suncruiser, a state-of-the-art, ecofriendly, electric boat that glides silently through the water. With no engine roar to disrupt your peace, you'll feel as if you're floating on air. The sounds of the harbor come alive around you, reminiscent of a tranquil waterfall or a babbling brook, enhancing the peaceful ambiance of your cruise.

Gourmet Delights on the Water

Each journey with Onda Bella is accompanied by a delightful assortment of European inspired food and beverages. All guests are treated to a sumptuous charcuterie board featuring a selection of fine cheeses, crisp crackers, creamy hummus, and fresh fruits. Complement your bites with a bottle of exquisite wine from Del Vino Vineyards or a refreshing beer from Sand City Brewery, curated to enhance the flavors and your experience.

An Exclusive, Intimate Experience

Our cruises are intimate, accommodating up to six passengers for a two-hour tour that’s perfect for a group of friends, colleagues, or family. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking an experience on the water, we provide a luxurious setting that feels both exclusive and personal.

Customize Your Journey

 Onda Bella Cruises elevates your nautical adventure, granting the flexibility to personalize your journey on the water. Set sail for more than just a cruise around the harbor; guests have the option to moor at our secluded spot off Asharoken Beach. Here, you can immerse yourself in the refreshing waters with a swim, cruise the bay on our bespoke paddleboards, or lounge on our floating dock, all while enjoying a chilled glass of rosé or a cold Sand City pilsner. For those ready to take the dive into a lifelong partnership, Onda Bella's “Amore Engagement Voyage” offers the perfect romantic canvas to ask for a hand in marriage.

Escape in Style

From the moment you step aboard, our captains are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. Every aspect of the cruise is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind, from the plush seating, to the elegant décor, to the breathtaking views at sunset. This is more than a cruise; it’s a luxurious escape from land, a chance to soak in the beauty of Northport Harbor and unwind in style. 

Join us at Onda Bella Cruises to embark on your own tranquil adventure, where every cruise is not just a journey, but a cherished memory in the making. Book your escape today and “Discover La Bella Vita” that awaits you on the tranquil waters of Northport Harbor.


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