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Dinosaur Fun on and nearby Long Island

Have a dinosaur lover in your house? We have great locations 2 hours or less from Huntington, Long Island to get a dinosaur sized thrill. 

Did you know?

  • No dinosaur fossils have been found on Long Island, although Cretaceous age rocks in New Jersey have yielded bones and teeth of dinosaurs and large reptiles.
  • One of the few places to see Late Cretaceous age rock is along the Long Island Sound shoreline at Garvies Point Preserve. 
  • Stony Brook palentologist, Dr. Drew Moor, with the use of CT technology, discovered that a dinosaur called a Meamenchisaurus sinocanadorum had a neck nearly 50 feet long!
  • A team from Stony Brook University discovered the fossils of a goundhog-like creature called the Vintana

2024 Dino Events

Gregory Museum

Hicksville, LI - 20 minutes by car from Huntington - This museum housing has an incredible collection of dinosaur fossils, minerals, butterflies and historical items. In addition to the collections (including a unique fossil of a dinosaur egg and the skeleton of its occupant), the museum, which is located in a former courthouse, features a jail cell and some police memorabilia.

Center for Science Teaching & Learning 

Rockville Centre, LI - 43 minutes by car from Huntington - See robotic and skeletal life-size dinosaurs and live animals such as snakes, emus, turtles and lots more in natural settings! Appropriate for all ages. Learn about animal and dinosaur adaptations, unique traits about each dinosaur or animal that helped it survive, hands-on activities and a dino dig too!

Bonus on Long Island - Sands Point Preserve

 Sands Point, NY - 40 minutes by car from Huntington - has a "Dino Trail" that is a 1/4 of mile - keep a keen eye for dinosaur footprints. 

Stepping Stones Museum For Children

Norwalk, Connecticut - 1 hr 31 mins by car from Huntington - Enter a wacky, whimsical (and somewhat warped) time machine to meet resident paleontologists that introduce lead dinosaur, Dolly Dilophosaurus and her amazing family and friends.

American Museum of Natural History

New York, NY - 1 hr 34 mins by car from Huntington -The David H. Koch Hall of Dinosaur Wing is a massive, 31,000-square-foot exhibition that is full of fossils. The exhibit is sure to inspire a new generation of dinosaur lovers and scientists.

* The movie, Night at the Museum, is based on this museum!

Lasdon Park & Arboretum 

Katonah, NY - 1 hr 35 mins by car from Huntington- Footprints, plant specimens and life-sized replicas of a Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor and Brachiosaurus are just some of the features boasted by the Dinosaur Garden at Lasdon Park. 

Liberty Science Center

Jersey City, NJ - 1 hr 45 mins by car from Huntington - Enter the 1,750-square-foot Dino Dig Adventure, where guests are immersed in the landscape of a real paleontological dig. Explore three dig pits and discover fascinating fossils poking out from the sand. Dig for fossils from seven different dinosaur species buried in more than 60 tons of sand. Uncover replica fossils of bones, eggs—even dinosaur poop!

Additional mention: Nature's Art Village

Montville, CT - 2 hrs 44 mins by car from Huntington - Unique 60-acre dinosaur-themed adventure park, where you spend the time with your family and learn about dinosaurs. 60 life size dinosaurs, maze, and playscape

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