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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: You don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy it

Have you ever wondered what goes on at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory?  If you have never visited, you are in for a treat, whether you paid attention in biology class or not!  

Founded in 1890, this world-renowned scientific laboratory, in Cold Spring Harbor NY, is an international research institution that has achieved monumental breakthroughs in molecular biology, genetics and cancer research.  It's home to over 600 researchers and technicians and attracts 12,000 scientists annually from around the world to learn the latest technologies and share advances in biological research.

Check out the incredible discoveries that the scientists at the lab have made:


Some important individuals from the CSH Lab to know:

  • Dr. James D. Watson, co-discoverer of DNA’s double helix. 
  • Barbara McClintock – America’s most distinguished cytogeneticist, a discoverer of the fact that chromosomes break and recombine to create genetic changes in a process known as crossing over, a discovery that explained puzzling patterns of inheritance.

But you don't have to be qualified to do DNA research to visit and enjoy some of the most beautiful waterfront acreage on Long Island. The Lab offers access to the campus for:

  • Free public lecture programs  
  • Cultural events and other happenings at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, visit their website
  • The lab has opened its campus to public walking tours from time to time

You can get engaged with CSH Lab at the DNA Learning Center

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