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Selling Your Home? Here’s Why Now is the Time to Get Organized

Written By Michaela Murphy, Professional Organizer

We know that getting your home ready to list, and ultimately sell, can be daunting. And, the thought of adding home organization to this seemingly never-ending to-do list may be hard to wrap your head around. “We’ll organize everything when we actually move,” or “It’s pointless to invest in new organization products since we won’t be in this space anymore,” may be some of the thoughts going through your mind. But, we can assure you that a tailored organization plan will actually benefit you in the long run - both in the selling process, as well as during your ultimate move!

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5 Reasons to Get Organized Before Moving

Michaela Murphy

Michaela was born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, where she loves to come home to visit her family, and spend time at the Lucky to Live ...

Michaela was born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, where she loves to come home to visit her family, and spend time at the Lucky to Live ...

Apr 29 5 minutes read

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Here are 5 reasons why you should consider home organization a non-negotiable part of getting your house ready to list and sell:

1. An organized home immediately catches the eye of potential buyers

When a potential buyer opens up a well-organized kitchen pantry or closet, it’s as if they’re seeing a perfect Instagram post come to life! Not only that, they can immediately envision their well-organized life in the home, and the space being theirs.

2. Organized spaces show that you care, and make your home look more valuable

An organized home can help you show potential buyers that you care for your space, and have always taken good care of it. It’s tempting to stuff everything away into a closet, hoping that no one opens the door. But, the reality is, buyers will check every nook and cranny, and you don’t want them stumbling upon your mountain of dirty laundry.

3. You can make your ultimate move a more organized process

Getting organized now isn’t just a benefit to your buyer - it can really help you in the long run! Let’s be honest, packing for a move is no walk in the park. Usually, we resort to filling boxes with whatever will  fit, and when we get to the new house, we can’t find a thing. But, if you’re coming from an already organized space, it will be much easier to fill boxes based on already established categories of items, and unpack with ease on the other side.

4. You can spend time with your items before they get put into boxes

Sometimes, interested buyers want to move in within weeks, causing us to hurriedly throw things in boxes and “worry about them later.” But, by organizing your space in advance of having a move date, you’ll have the time to go through your items, and decide what is really worth taking to the new home. You’ll also have time to sit with your “maybe” items (those you’re not sure about letting go of) to decide if they’re worth holding on to.

5. It will make you feel good, and make organizing a part of your daily life!

Not everyone has fun organizing, but most of us can agree that it feels so much better once we actually ARE organized! There’s a lot to process when you’re listing and selling your home - financial matters, emotional attachments, etc. - and feeling cluttered and overwhelmed in your new space will only add to your load of stress. Take the time to declutter, organize and enjoy your tidy space! You’ll also learn tips on how to integrate organizing into your daily life (and we can bet you’ll find a great place for all of your new containers in your new home)!

Michaela Murphy

 Michaela is a Professional Member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals), helping to bring order and efficiency to people's lives through services such as Home Organizing, Packing and Unpacking Moves, and Product Sourcing.

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