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5 Simple Tips To Feng Shui Your Home

What is Feng Shui? Literally it means "wind and water" but it's much more than that. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science which states that what you bring in to your home and how you place it affects how you think and feel. 

Not sure how this translates to your home? How do you feel about that pile of clutter or that messy closet... annoyed, distracted, angry. Clutter is an enemy to Feng Shui because it creates a feeling of disorder. 

As its meaning indicates, by bringing Feng Shui in to your home you are also bringing a sense of order and balance. Here are five simple ways to do this in your home.

1.   Spruce up that front door and entry way. 

This is the first thing you see as you enter or exit your home. It should bring a sense of pride and happiness to you. Spruce up the front door with a new paint color. Remove any clutter... like those gardening gloves! And make sure you can fully open that door to all the positive energy.  Your entry should be welcoming as it sets the tone for your entire home so create a focal point. 

* Another great entry tip is to have a fountain. Moving water facing towards the entry will bring prosperity in. If used indoors, fountains also diffuse negative ions. 

2.  Declutter

Go through that pile of mail or all those clothes that no longer fit. Donate what you can and your feeling of doing good will propel your mood to new heights.  Freeing your space of clutter allows energy or chi to flow more freely.  

Tidy master closet 

3. Add a houseplant

Houseplants purify the air and absorb household toxins and electrical pollutants given off by appliances. And let's face it plants add interest and  brighten your space. Plants with rounded leaves give off a more gentle energy. You can also go minimal and add one large plant instead of smaller scattered ones which you might see as clutter later on.

4. Let there be light

Natural light is key in Feng Shui spaces. Open your curtains and let the sun shine in. For those darker rooms aim for full spectrum light bulbs which give off a light similar to that of the outdoors. 

5. If it's broken...

Fix it! Mark off items that need fixing with stickers or make a list and start tackling them one by one. These items create a sense of "brokenness".  With each item fixed there will be a positive energy change. 

6. Redecorate

Now you don't need to go out and buy all new furniture but you can place existing furniture and objects in a better way. For example place your bed in view of the door. This gives a feeling of control as you'll always be able to see whose entering. Create a gallery wall of photos instead  of  hanging your photos in perfect straight lines. Straight lines create aggressive angles. 

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