Bakes & Kropp Fine Cabinetry presents Michelin Starred Celebrity Chef Michael Psilakis' "Live to Eat" cookbook talk & signing!

Five Harbor's native Chef Michael Psilakis has acquired many of the food world’s highest honors since hitting the New York City culinary scene about a decade ago. He now has a multi-venue restaurant group under his belt including three locations of MP Taverna, his modern interpretation of a traditional Greek tavern, as well as Kefi and FISHTAG on the Upper West Side.

The acclaimed chef and author of How to Roast a Lamb offers a simple strategy for healthy cooking, highlighting the ease, deliciousness, and proven benefits of the Mediterranean diet in his new cookbook Live to Eat.

Chef Psilakis Says: "I grew up on Long Island in a town called East Northport. We had a big backyard with a BBQ - a monument built in our backyard out of brick for roasting whole animals. “My big fat Greek wedding” was really my life. We would have at least 10 parties a year where there would be over 200 people at my house, and we would roast 5 or 6 lambs at a time. My dad went to a farm in New Jersey and he picked up a live goat and a live lamb, brought them back to our house, and they were running around the backyard. Every day I was coming home from school and we were chasing them and playing with them. And then Easter came and he said “ok, let’s catch one.”

Want to meet Chef Michael Psilakis? Here's when & where...

Lucky to Live Here Realty: 129 Main St, Cold Spring Harbor - 631.692.7100 (Bakes & Kropp Showroom)

Signed Cookbooks will be available for $25 (cash only)

Thursday Sept. 28th at 6:30pm

Free Event:  N/A

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