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Catherine Wallack

Catherine Wallack

Catherine Wallack was born and raised in the Five Harbors on the North Shore of Long Island...

Catherine Wallack was born and raised in the Five Harbors on the North Shore of Long Island...

Jun 13 10 minutes read


"Sari and Catherine were incredible! They helped us find a home while we were in another state and we couldn’t have asked for more from them. They visited our prospective home, shot videos, walked us around on FaceTime, and gave tours to our family who lived locally to help us make the best possible decision. During the close they also made time for us to visit in person so we could have several different business take a look at things that needed fixing. On moving day they even rolled up a huge carpet that the sellers had left and carried it out for us! Such amazing people." - Alexis Gallisa

"WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! We owe it all to Catherine and Sari with Lucky to Live Here who went above and beyond to help us find our first home. Despite the craziness of the housing market, Catherine made sure to help us find the house that “checked all of our boxes” even if that meant searching for months on end, making hundreds of phone calls, or looking at 30+ houses. As first-time home buyers, Catherine’s constant reassurance and wealth of knowledge was exactly what we needed throughout this nerve wracking process. She taught us so much and helped us feel confident that we were making the best decision and investment for our family. She wanted us to be truly happy and didn’t let us settle for something that would make us anything other than that. She reminded us that “If it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t the one. Just be patient, your house is out there!” She looks out for you as if you are her own family and that’s exactly what you want when making the biggest investment of your life! If you’re in the market to buy a home, Catherine and Sari are the team to make your dreams come true!" - Alyssa Febbraro

"As first time home buyers in this crazy market Sari and Catherine were there every step of the way to help us navigate our way through. Sari was always available for my late night panicking/eager beaver texts about new houses that came on the market or questions about our home buying process. With their incredible guidance we found our first home and we could not be happier." - Anthony & Crystal

"Lucky To Live Here’ saved me from “broker hell”. SARI walked into my house with her sunshine glow and inhuman work ethic. I sat back and watched in awe, as she worked real estate magic. My house was on the market for over 1 year! There was a grueling stream of sales pitches and endless open houses; which, left me and my beautiful home beaten down and disgusted. WITHIN 1 WEEK Sari And Catherine HAD 3 OFFERS ABOVE ASKING PRICE and we were in contract. Not 1 open house !! By the end of the month I had 2 signed contracts. Sari found me my dream house and I made a friend for life! I run a fourth generation construction company. It is rare to meet people like Catherine and Sari who are driven, dedicated, honest and genuine. AS A CLIENT YOU WILL BE THE LUCKY ONE!" - Penny Mendelsohn

"ABOVE AND BEYOND …. are the two words that immediately come to our mind when describing Catherine’s knowledge, commitment, drive, and enthusiasm for helping us purchase our dream home. Granted as architects for high-end residential projects  we must have not been the easiest of her clients, but Catherine’s patience, professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of the local housing market and extensive list of connections won us over. We could not have wished for a better realtor than Catherine and the team at Lucky To Live Here to have on our side, guiding us 24/7 through any potential hurdles and pitfalls, through mountains of papers to review and sign, listening patiently to all our questions and concerns - reasonable or not - and hustling with an unmatched tenacity to get us the deal we wanted. And she did not stop there…. “Oh, you want the roof checked and an estimate? Wait, I have a guy calling him right now!” “Ah, the previous owner left you the 1980ies ceiling mounted TV’s - very nice….wait I come right over and we help you get those discarded!” And she kept on going, driving us around the neighborhood pointing out the best shops and restaurants in town, sending us hiking excursions and lists of town events, introducing us and helping us integrate us into our new community and making new friends…. … in short making us feel at home. There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are to Catherine, Sari and the entire team at Lucky To Live Here: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" - Claudia Corcilius

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Closed Transactions

PriceClosing DateRepresented
37 Grafton St, Greenlawn$480,0009/6/2018Listed
18 Wayside Ln, Lloyd Harbor$1,200,0008/24/2018Buyer
3 Londel Ct, E. Northport$625,00010/25/18Listed
171 Alicia Dr, N. Babylon$365,00010/29/18Buyer
38 Hillside Ave, Huntington$495,0001/4/19Listed & Sold
2 Smugglers Cove, Lloyd Harbor$954,0003/21/19Buyer
2 Cherrylawn Ln, Northport$935,0004/16/19Listed
37 Arbor Ln, Dix Hills$795,0004/30/19Listed
31 Grafton St, Greenlawn$280,0005/9/19Buyer
270 Southdown Rd, Lloyd Harbor$970,0005/31/19Buyer
Bayberry Rd, Northport$315,0006/19/19Listed & Sold
88 Elwood Rd, Northport$645,0006/26/19Listed
26 Cedar Dr, Huntington$598,0007/26/19Listed
9 Mallard Cove, Centerport$550,0008/9/19Listed
221 Scudder Ave, Northport$740,0008/23/19Listed
15 Seacrest Dr, Lloyd Neck$1,900,0008/26/19Sold
32 Lakeside Dr, Centerport$710,00010/3/19Buyer
28 Forrest Dr, Lloyd Neck$925,0009/26/19Buyer
23 Van Wyck Ln, Lloyd Harbor$2,200,00010/21/19Buyer
25 Clearfield Pl, Huntington$325,00010/16/19Buyer
5 Harvest Hill Ln, Huntington$650,00011/15/19Seller
193 Lewis Rd, Northport$530,0001/17/20Buyer
31 Grafton St, Greenlawn$450,0001/17/20Listed & Sold
305 Weymouth St, Dix Hills$490,0001/6/20Listed
2 Bittner Ln, Centerport $411,0001/28/20Buyer
11 Georgia St, Valley Stream$505,00011/14/19Seller
1123 Northern Blvd, Baldwin$750,00012/3/19Seller
1 Corwin Ct, Dix Hills$650,0004/23/20Seller
94 Glenna Little Trail, Huntington$530,0005/15/20Seller
18 Van Wyck, Lloyd Harbor$1,287,5005/27/20Buyer
6 Grand Ave, Northport$790,0006/29/20Seller
14 Carlisle Dr, Northport$729,0008/7/20Buyer
5 Skylark Ct, S. Huntington$1,050,0008/28/20Seller
120 Coolidge St, Centerport$995,0009/25/20Buyer
20 Wendy Ln, E. Northport$635,0009/21/20Buyer
55 Lawrence Hill Rd, Huntington$515,0009/30/20Buyer
208 Little Neck Rd, Centerport$740,0009/29/20Buyer
5 Crosswood Ln, Upper Brookville$1,800,00010/8/20Seller
2 N Bittner Ln, Centerport$875,00010/14/20Seller
106 Eatons Neck Rd, Northport$700,00010/29/20Seller
1550 Osborn Ave, Riverhead$250,00011/9/20Seller
94 Cove Rd, Northport$1,592,50011/18/20Seller & Buyer
54 Locust Ln, Northport$750,00011/23/20Seller & Buyer
7 Platt Pl, Huntington$895,00012/1/20Seller
19 Maple Hill Rd, Huntington$560,00011/30/20Seller
15 Argyle Dr, Northport
86 S Harbor Rd, Northport$1,700,0001/13/21Buyer
91 Little Neck Rd, Centerport$765,0001/22/21Seller
5 Giffard Way, Melville$1,309,0001/25/21Seller
28 Lloyd Point Dr, Lloyd Neck$1,625,0002/2/21Buyer
3 Halyard Ct, Cold Spring Harbor$805,0002/4/21Buyer
23 Walters Ave, Cold Spring Harbor
31 Cherrylawn Ln, Northport$665,0002/26/21Seller
39 Harbor Hill Dr, Lloyd Harbor$689,0003/1/21Buyer
25 Islip Dr, Sound Beach$437,5003/19/21Buyer
14 Inlet Pl, Huntington$780,0004/6/21Buyer
55 Lawrence Hill Rd, Huntington$1,150,0004/13/21Seller
6 Meadow Glen Rd, Fort Salonga$840,0004/16/21Seller
36 West St, Northport$455,0005/7/21Buyer
27 Crooked Oak Rd, Belle Terre$900,0005/25/21Buyer
123 Old Winkle Point Rd, Northport$905,0005/27/21Buyer
68 Bay Ave #H, Huntington$795,0006/8/21Buyer
86 Little Neck Rd, Centerport$825,0007/8/21Buyer
2 Oberlon Dr, Greenlawn$752,0008/3/21Seller
8 Copter Ct, Huntington$880,0008/24/21Buyer
6 Puritan Ln, Farmingdale$710,0009/3/21Buyer
15 N Harbor Rd, Northport$525,00010/5/21Buyer
23 Lamarcus Ave, Glen Cove$780,00011/30/21Seller
5 Bay Hills Ct, Huntington$1,300,00012/8/21Buyer
11 Vale Dr, Huntington$965,00012/15/21Seller
26 Fenwick St, Greenlawn$540,00012/16/21Buyer
96 Locust Ln, Northport$770,00012/20/21Seller
21 Quaker Path, Yaphank
32 Cayuga Ave, E. Northport$550,0001/19/22Seller
5 Normandy Dr, Northport$849,0001/20/22Buyer
11 Glen Way, Cold Spring Harbor$1,050,0001/21/22Buyer
60 School St, Northport$810,0002/1/22Buyer
23 Forsythe Drive, E. Northport$625,0002/1/22Buyer
39 Harbor Hill Dr, Lloyd Harbor$1,895,000
18 Briarcliff Pl, Huntington$1,149,0003/31/22Seller
22 Hudson Dr, Kings Park$612,5004/7/22Buyer
1 Woodhollow Ln, Huntington$695,0004/11/22Buyer
36 Chestnut St, Westbury$680,0004/21/22Buyer
51 Jefferson Ave, Northport$545,0004/26/22Seller
7 Pine Dr, E. Northport$695,0006/22/22Buyer

Rental Properties

PriceRented Represented
90 Main St, Cold Spring Harbor$8003/1/19Listed Rented
7 Platt Pl, Huntington$2,4007/14/19Listed & Rented
180 New York Ave, Huntington$3,9757/5/19Listed & Rented
100 Browns Rd, Huntington$6,5009/1/19Rented
293 W Shore Rd, Huntington$1,8009/5/19Listed & Rented
295 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,8009/6/19Listed & Rented
140 Old Winkle Point Rd, Northport$6,5009/12/19Listed & Rented
293 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,0502/15/20Listed & Rented
46 Ivy Dr, Jericho$4,0004/9/20Listed & Rented
140 Old Winkle Pt Rd, Northport$8,5004/23/20Listed & Rented
297 W Shore Rd, Huntington$1,4008/5/20Listed & Rented
307 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,2008/5/20Listed & Rented
2 Honey Locust Ct, Dix Hills$7,0008/28/20Listed & Rented
293 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,1002/3/21Listed & Rented
Old Winkle Point Rd, Northport$8,5003/1/21Listed
307 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,8004/3/21Listed & Rented
293 W Shore Rd, Huntington$2,2009/25/21Listed & Rented
87 Glenna Little Trail, Huntington$3,80011/13/21Listed & Rented
307 W Shore Rd #3, Huntington$2,3001/15/22Listed & Rented

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