Dear Tony,

It all started when I saw you in the early 90's on the infomercial with Kathy Lee Gifford. You had just purchased your island in Fiji and I was a young Mom at the time, I was hooked but never took the plunge! I'm putting my personal life and story aside, my new journey began when I decided to purchase my ticket to Business Mastery. You opened my eyes and unleashed me, thank you!  - Joyce

My 7 tips from Business Mastery Vegas 2017 

1. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

2. Stop being a business operator and become a business owner!

3. 10 stages of the Life Cycle of a business.

4. Use the Disc assessment Tony is so generous to provide for the hiring process. Can be found on his website.

5. Manage two companies. The company you manage today and the business you want to become.

6. Provide content and more value than anyone else in your industry.

7. Give back and it will come back in bucket fills. Surround yourself with one team!

P.S. Become a Gladiator and dress warm for the winter!

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Do your part, do what you can! 

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