Become a First Responder in Your Own Home!

Sign up for our CPR Training class with local first responders Michael & Ryane Como. Upon completion each attendee will receive their certificate in adult CPR. There will also be an infant CPR/choking demo. $60pp, limited availability, contact us now if interested.

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 27th

Time: 5:30pm - approx. 8:30pm

Cost: $60pp (cash or check made to cash, upon check-in)

Certificate: Heartsaver CPR AED (AHA)

Limited Availability, Must Make Reservations: [email protected] or call 631.692.7100

Benefits of Knowing CPR

EmpoweringKnowing CPR empowers you to help someone in need. For parents this is especially true. Children younger than 5 tend to put objects in their mouths, and this behavior can lead to choking. Choking is a leading cause of death in this age group. Knowing what to do and how to perform CPR allows you to act quickly.

LifesavingSituations may arise when you come across someone whose breathing or heart has stopped. Immediate action with CPR is the most effective way to save that individual, as an ambulance may not arrive for minutes. Providing CPR could mean the difference between life and death for someone who's unconscious.

AssistingIt is always better to have multiple people who are CPR certified in a crisis. One person performing CPR can tire quickly. Two people switching off can provide CPR longer than a person working alone.

WorkingKnowing CPR can give you an advantage in some jobs. Many jobs require CPR certification, and others look favorably upon it. If you have CPR certification when you're applying for jobs such as personal trainer, lifeguard, child care, pre-school teacher or even baby-sitter you may have an edge over other applicants.

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